Monthly claim Range: Unlimited .

If you are a non deposit player, can only claim up to RM30.

Claim (RM & Sponsor credit)

  1. If you are a non deposit player, can only claim up to RM30 (once)
  2. To claim more RM, you need to have downline, every downline increase RM 30 Claim limit.
  3. To claim Sponsor coin, deposit same amount in the sponsor to claim same value of sponsor credit.
    Example: To claim 500 sponsor credit (RM50) for W138 , deposit RM50 in W138 and submit a screenshot to us to proceed.

Click more detail to know more.

Claim Form

If you are logged in, your username and email will be auto filled.

the username in the casino website

RM & Credit cannot be mixed

Choose the Operator you want to transfer, then you need to have 5x turnover in order to withdraw Cash.

You need 300 Sponsor credits for RM30.

Your latest deposit transaction history page.

Terms & condition

  1. A minimum of RM30 in value for
  2. To claim more than first RM30 , you need to have downline. Refer here for more detail.
  3. “Active” downline has to be legit & active in the past 30 days. Unactive players will reduce your claim limit.
  4. You can only claim one of each type per month. (RM, Sponsor Credit, Telco Credits)
  5. RM & Sponsor credit has same turnover of x5 times.
  6. Claims will processed in every 2 week, 1st & 15th of each month.
    Processing period
    1st of Month: get credit by 5th~14th
    15th of Month: get credit by 19th~30/31st
  7. Terms & conditions are subjected to change without notice.