Sponsor Credit Claim

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Please dont upload bank-in receipt. We cant check since we are not the casino.

Terms & Condition

  1. Only the sponsored casino deposit are accepted and count towards their own limit.
    -Example, limit of RM1000 in OX88 cannot be used to claim w138’s sponsor credit.
  2. There is no maximum limit until further notice.
  3. All user can claim first RM30 worth of sponsor credit claim without deposit
  4. Only deposits after 1st of June 2022 are accepted.
  5. Bonus from deposits are not counted.
  6. Deposit any brand using different currencies (eg, bitcoin), it will be counted in current RM value to your limit.
  7. You may only request upgrade ONCE per week, please make sure it is the highest single deposit for the week before you request.
  8. Only Minimum of RM100 in one single deposit are accepted. Not totalled up for the day or week.
  9. Any claims must be done on the WEEK of deposit
    Example 1: You deposit RM300 on Saturday, request upgrade on next monday, it will not be accepted.
    -Example 2: You deposit RM300 on Saturday, request upgrade on same week Sunday, it will be accepted